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TPI Pain Management

A trigger point injection is used for the management of pain. They help treat pain caused by tension headaches, fibromyalgia, and injury. Trigger points can cause referred pain or pain that appears to be unrelated in another part of the body. By treating the trigger point, pain in multiple parts of the body may be relieved. TPI’s are used to treat conditions like muscle spasms, myofacial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, tension headaches and more.

Trigger point injections are a simple procedure used to treat painful areas of muscles. Typically, these areas contain muscles that don’t want to relax. We use a combination of medications to include Dexamethasone (a steroid), Lidocaine and/or Bupivacaine (anesthetic or numbing agent), and Toradol (NSAID, similar to Ibuprofen) to help alleviate pain. During a trigger point injection a small needle is inserted into the identified trigger point area and medication is injected. Depending on the muscle group, several injections may be performed. This procedure is not painful. Usually after the injection, the patient has pain relief.

Savannah Jackson
Savannah Jackson, Nurse Practitioner

Savannah is a nurse practitioner who completed nursing school at Jacksonville State University and worked 6 years in the local intensive care unit. She later attended the University of South Alabama and majored in adult-gerontological acute care. After graduating with a masters she became a pulmonary nurse practitioner. Savannah works with Dr. Lisa and Dr. Parker to help with pain management driven by auto accidents, personal injuries, or just the simple factor of getting older.

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Trigger point injections are a simple procedure used to treat painful areas of muscles.


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